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June 25, 2008



Adolfa (former Adolf Hitler)
Hello all my Fun Club members! Long Time no see! Surprise its me Adolf Hitler. Well, nowadays I call myself Adolfa so You may call me Adolfa. What a nice name isnt it? You may wonder what I am doing here. Well, about two weeks ago one stray dog was wandering about Streets of Stockholm. That Bitch feld her Time has come and bitch died. Shit and urine come out and thats it. But it was not the end of the Story. One dogshit toddler started to expand and Big Bang I was standing there dead bitch beside me. I did not feld like newborn baby so I went to look my face reflecting on window class. In that same monent I know Who I am, Adolfa, and who a was, Adolf Hitler. People started to glare at me. I took a taxi to Arlanda airport and got a flight to Washinton DC. What a start I taught. Mein Kampf be born again. Well, thats one of my stories. You will find others underside. Its Your Choice. Twist and Shout yeah Baby go go » http://www.artspotting.org/


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