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December 05, 2008



Let's give Schlink credit for smarts and say he either hasn't read and understood Thelma's comments or is speaking in very bad faith - or maybe he's just got some profit participation in the flick he's worried about.

Thelma's very careful to point out that the story and the themes are not the issue for her. It's the way it's shot and the implicit intent of the film makers in shooting it that way. It's explicit sex, erotically (rather than, say, simply explicatorily) shot, between an adult and someone who's clearly meant to be underage.
The intent is identification and arousal.

It's the sort of things you'd go to the "teen" sites on persiankitty.com to find, for instance. It sure does sell.

I remember the "delicious discomfort" I got watching those "Ilse Koch, She Wolf of the SS" movies when I was much younger. But even then, the folks on screen were adults (even if, at the time, I wasn't - shhh, don't tell).

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