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March 21, 2011


Flour Mill

Where is the fearless soul who will acknowledge the elephant in the room?

Blogging -like much on the Internet --remains an enterprise like the wild, wild west, a frontier with few parameters. Leaving the stage, Bennetts told me that she has posted on Huffington, but only as a marketing tool, when she has needed to bring attention to a new book: “Why should I write for nothing when I can get paid?” she asked.

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Believe: Tomorrow will be better!

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Olivia you look awesome!! Keep up the great work. I miss CrossFit!! It's been a long two weeks but my dad is going great with his new knee. Hope to bring him home tomorrow and then I'll be back to my normal routine on Monday.*****

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Ideas or processes that fail only hihghlight what soesn't/didn't work - just don't do them again, try a different way, idea, or subject.

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BTW, beware guys, you not only need v4 of Firefox but also have to enable the websockets in a hidden preference:

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