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April 23, 2011


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Believe: Tomorrow will be better!


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DAMN she mad nice & thick! She just bad in general! Good 1 to start the week with!

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I like how the charms professor is a bearded little elf with snowy white hair & in all the other movies is ala charlie chaplin?

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In spite of its glory in history, these primitive, big looking boots failed

at its debut in the western society. There were even extremists who

organized a compaign to ask for these boots banned.

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Awesome review! I can't wait to see it.

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BTW, beware guys, you not only need v4 of Firefox but also have to enable the websockets in a hidden preference:

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Yes,I think so,too.

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I had always wanted to learn about this topic ... I think it's great the way you expose .. great work and continuing on with this great blog


It sounds like pretty interesting series on HBO, I would like to give it a try.

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And be a model — read yourself. Do it every day, and let your child see how much you love reading. He'll pick up on it.

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