Allen v. Farrow on HBO: Hearing Dylan Farrow

Allen vs Farrow
Perhaps you are wondering, is there anything more to say about this decades-old very public scandal? To recap, Woody Allen’s adult daughter Dylan has accused him of molestation when she was seven. Even in his most recent 2020 memoir, Apropos of Nothing, Allen proclaims innocence, affirmed in the courts and in a lie detector test. Allen writes that the charges against him were instigated by Mia Farrow, a woman scorned as Allen dumped her and married her daughter Soon-Yi, adopted with her husband Andre Previn. On the Allen side, many believe him. Yes, that story is now revived in a riveting 4-part documentary, Allen v. Farrow, to air on HBO. The filmmakers, Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, with Amy Herdy, contend that key voices were not heard, mainly Dylan’s. To agree with them, the assertion that the abused must be heard alone makes this documentary a compelling, must-see testament. In this era of reckoning: by revisiting allegations of abuse, the film shines a light on the psychological damage, the fragility of parenting, the processes of healing, and the tiresome nature of celebrity scandal--even if, especially if, you come away with the central issue of the abuse unresolved.

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